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AT Series CNC Beam Robots

• AT series of mechanical arm used for 400-4000 tons and various types of plastic injection molding molding machine,3 axis AC servo drive.Products for taking out the product and the outlet arm,the upper and lower arm structure for double cutting ;time out 1.5sec ,cycle time 12sec ,maximum load 100kg (including finished products and fixtures).Applied to the rapid removal or diverse out applications,especially in long shape products such as car bumpers ,door trim strip.

Features :

• Strong rigidity,transverse axis and the pull shaft adopt steel structure with high precision linear slide rail ,can bear high load and high speed ,durability and long servoce life.Precision planetary reducer with Qu Lun ,repeat accuracy of ±0.15mm .
• High rigidity linear slide rail and alloy structure,the special design of the belt multi-speed mechanism ,greatly shorten the upper and lower arm structure height,only half of the stroke can achieve full traveel.In addtion to increase the uplink and downlink speed and stability,and can be matched with the plant height Low place.
• Automatic detection of air pressure is sufficient, if insufficient pressure will automatically alarm pressure insufficient
• With the male die and the female die out ,fixed angle 90 degrees.
• The pressure pipeline and the detection mark, standard for 3 groups of clamping circuit and the 2 group of vacuum suction circuit, can be suction holding such as a rule extraction application, can deal with all kinds of product diversification out