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Inverter Driven Beam Robots

• BD Series Medium Beam Robot Arm all types of horizontal injection machine of 150-650T for take-out products and sprues.it has single stage and telescopic type;it can be added a sub-arm for 3-plates mold to grip products and sprue at the same time.Vertical stroke:550-1200mm,driven by pneumatic cylinder.For standard model,the traverse axle driven by inverter motor ,AC servo motor is optional.Vertical and crosswise driven by pneumatic. After installed BD series robot,the productivity will be increased 20~30%,reduce defective rate,ensure safety of operators,reduce manpower and accurately control the output to reduce waste.

Features :

• Transverse standard is using the inverter motor for driving, stable running,and optional for AC servo motor drive ,run fast an precise ,positioning accuracy up to ±0.1mm。
• Horizontal rows ,up or down,drawing arm with high rigidity and precision linear Rails,resistance,low noise,stable and long life.
• Double-cut-up and down,the arm with light weight,high rigidity aluminum strcture beam,with imports of high rigid precision linearRails-orented operation,it’s special structure design of the belt speed,just half of the stroke to reach full itinerary,shorten the height of upper and lower arm of the structure,improve speed and stability,and can be combiled with plant of low height.
• Auto-detection of security,such as the pressure is insufficient or unexpected failure will automatically alarm and antomatic ejection prevention into cylinder,guarantee the mechanical arm and mold safety.
• Up and down and drawing stroke adjustment and position adjustment standard with manual mode ,you can choose electric adjustment mode and saving time,increased operational security.
• Up and down axis if used AC servo motor for driving,can be raise up and down movment speed,saving time ,shorten cycle time and increase efficiency,can be setting a different height for defferent product,it’s positioning accuracy up to ±0.1mm。
• Optional CE models that conform to the standard EUROMAP/SPI and configure standard interfaces.