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Servo Driven Beam Robots

• AD Series Small beam robot is mainly suitable for 50-200 ton horizontal injection molding machine for finished product and runner removed from the mold ,up and down arms with cut-and-two-sectional,stalking can be used pneumatic driven,inverter motor driven and AC servo motor driving,suitable for two and three platen molds.May improve(20%-30%),lower product defective rates and save the output of manpower ,precise control and protection of the operator’s safety.
• Transverse can be used imported NON-Rod cylinder,inverter motor or AC servo motor drving,plus two sets of imported high rigid precision linear Rails,stable running,low noise ,lower friction coefficient,durable.
• Stop using single=arm=importation of high rigid precision linear Rails and bottom stucture ,optional two-sectional-arm,specialbelt speed structure design,you only need half of the stroke to reach up and down the whole itinerary significantly shortened armheight of structure,improve the speed and top and bottom line ,and be compatibie with the stability of the plant height low places.
• Auto-detection of security,such as the pressure is insufficient or unexpected failure will autmatically alarm and antomatic ejection prevention into cylinder,guarantee the mechanical arm and mold safety.
• Optional CE models that conform to the standard EUROMAP/SPI and configure standard interfaces.