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SS Series Swing Arm Robots

• Aluminum alloy precision casting,lightweight,durable.
• The drawing arm and upper and lower arm using high -strength aluminum alloy structure and beam with imported high rigidity and precision linear Rails ,stable running,low noise,low friction,durable.
• Uitra thin fixture for samll opening distance of mould,Hall type clamp for confirmation,sensitive and reliable.
• Auto-detection of security,such as the pressure is insufficient or unexpected failure will automatically alarm and automatic ejection prevention into cylinder,guarantee the mechanical arm and mold safety.
• Reser vation of vacuum aspiration,while absorbing clamp products,suitable for two formword removal.
• Choose double-truncated-arm,special design of the structure at x,substantially substantially shortening the structure of the upper and lowerarm ,shortens remove times,increase stability,suitable for lower height plant.
• Have external output points,to control conveyor belt,undertake desk,auxiliary equipment.
• Optional CE models that conform to the standard EUROMAP/SPI and configur standard interfaces.