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• With date ever memory and storage function.
• Use DC non-blush motor, without maintenance requirements.
• Micro-computer control, intenllent accurate accurate.
• Can meet the requirements of external signal input .
• The screw bar is plated of chraium, is durable and long using life .
•Mouldue type assemled structure, easy for mounting and dis mounting, convenient for clean and replacement.
•Single color plastic masterbatch mixer, its typical base amounted magnetic iron for three pipe buncker, can asorb metals, provent the damage of screw bar of machine.
• The stirrer base are available for single color plastic masterbatch mixer, mixing in even.
• The stirrer equipped base are typical double color plastic masterbatch mixer, can meet customers’requirement (or two color mixing.
• The main bunker are typical equipment of double plastic masterbatch mixer, the single color is also available.